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Anyone who runs 100 mile races knows who Karl Meltzer is: Winner of both The Wasatch 100 and the Hard Rock 100 just to identify a few of the trophies on a very crowded shelf. What most people do not know about Karl is that he is an artist with the snow shovel and the rake.  With those simple tools he annually creates a literal high mountain amusement park ride. The video above barely scratches the surface of the giggles, grins, out right belly laughs, hoots, hollers, and other assorted exclamations which are involuntary when the custom design sleds get moving. My wife and I were along for the ride this past weekend. There will be many more visits to the track before it melts out, that is for sure!

Park City, Utah; Anyone who is a skier knows the heavy rep for luxury attached to PC. Park City is home to the Sundance film festival. There are something like 186 restaurants to choose from. You could put on a blindfold and throw a rock pretty much anywhere in Park City and that rock will probably take out a day spa window. The Place is just deluxe and that lap of luxury feel even bleeds over into the usually spartan world of Nordic skiing. For instance, how many Nordic centers have designated areas to farm up pow turns? No problem here in PC.

Break a nail on the 5k today? No problem. Just stop by the Salon/spa on your way off the track and get that nail fixed up! I think my buddies at Wilderness Lodge would laugh their asses off at just the thought.

(Speaking of deluxe: check out the cool new stuff showing up at!)

Stay posted to Pedal and Pole as some good stuff is already on its way down the pipe. New trail reviews are going to be starting next week and I was recently taken deep into the Wasatch mountains to a top secret mountain luge track built by ultra running legend Karl Meltzer. This will blow some minds is all I am going to say……….

“I clutched the tattered document like a treasure map to a long forgotten, gold laden temple hidden deep in the jungles…..” Alright, that might be a bit dramatic but there is a new Nordic trail right here in Park City(Kimball Junction to be exact for those who keep track of those things, you know who you are) and the picture above is the sacred document, a map to the new 5k loop.

Soon to follow this post will be a complete review of this new trail along with a few video segments as this loop has been set up with some downhill action in mind. It is located just below the Olympic Jump park with a small parking area about a quarter mile from the new traffic circle. What looks really sweet about this location is the fact it has been linked into the extensive trail network that starts at Red Stone plaza with the new tunnel under 224 providing an easy way to get across that busy thruway without having to cross over the road. Unfortunately the loop had not been groomed when I went to check it out so the comprehensive review will have to wait. Time to head to the skate gym…..

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Rack up another first for Pedal and Pole Park City as we are now partnering with one of the outdoor industries premier online retailers:! With their unparalleled inventory across the entire spectrum of mountain sports, industry standard customer service, and unique athlete sponsorship programs, we are extremely excited to be teaming up with a clear leader in the industry. This will also translate into great deals on skate skiing  gear for Pedal and Pole readers. The deals are already starting! Also with all this new snow things are going to start popping up pretty quickly here at Pedal and Pole. A new series of trail reviews with pictures and video for not just Park City but the entire state of Utah is about to get underway.(can you keep a secret? There is a lot of Nordic skiing here…)

Can you say dismal? We can and did this past Friday as this is what the Nordic center was looking like. (The streak of dirt mixed in with the red dye from bamboo directional poles really got me stoked to skate!). These might have been the worst skate ski conditions ever encountered by the Pedal and Pole crew! In some spots the impenetrable ice sheet was coated with a liberal frosting of “snirt”, a dirt/snow combination so slow, no wax known to mankind can produce glide. Instant forward rolls were the result of hitting this stuff with any speed(which picks up pretty quickly on glare ice!) Needless to say, spirits were pretty low on Friday. A storm was forecast like so many others this season. I wanted to believe…..

Then a crazy thing happened! It actually snowed! Not a massive storm by Wasatch proportions but more than enough to get the 5k rolled at White Pine Touring. Finally things are starting to look like  Park City, Utah!

This is what we are talking about! Blue skies and well covered tracks are the norm in Park City just as deep powder is the norm in the high Wasatch mountains. in addition to resetting the Utah Nordic season, all this new snow has also refreshed the local alpine resorts and the back country. Although that is a very different story.………



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This is really funny and the perfect thing to watch on a weather “transition” day. Snow Cycle!


Dangerous avalanche conditions are occuring or are imminent. Backcountry travel in avalanche terrain is not recommended.



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Racing at Soldier Hollow is DELUXE! Here is the Toko wax recommendation for tomorrows 15k.