With all of the riding, trail running, and Nordic sliding that goes on around here at PPPC, overall body fitness is key to being able to do these sports on a regular basis and in an enjoyable manner over the long term. Also, you might remember that we just got an intern around here and for his first big assignment it was decided he would look into the emerging work related trend that is aimed at improving overall fitness.

What!!? Improved fitness through something involving being at work? Something that burns an additional 310 calories a day and improves circulation with no gym involved?! Dreams do come true! Welcome to the world of……….THE STAND UP DESK!!!!!


Here we have some healthy posture on display.

At his normal desk the Intern would be sad and very cramped;

Very poor, sad posture.

Very poor, sad posture.

There are even Stand Ups that switch modes at the touch of a button!

When all of that sitting has got you down,

AvantLink.com CEO Scott Kalbach in corporate bondage.

AvantLink.com CEO Scott Kalbach in corporate bondage.











Just push the button and;

Free at last!

Free at last!

Few tips for using a Stand Up; 1) get a tall stool with a back so you can alternate sitting and standing, 2) most importantly, alternate resting a foot off the ground as this greatly reduces back strain from the standing position.

There are a lot of other parameters as with any office desk set up so if you do decide to make the switch, do some research first as to what will work with your specific physique and make sure your set up is ergonomically correct!

Over here at the PPPC office, we will be standing!

(All Pedal-n-Pole photo’s are shot on a Canon G1X)

One minute the track is solid an fast with cold temperatures and ample snow cover. There are races every weekend! The slide will never end…………..
Enjoy whatever is left of your season(and soon it will be time to ride)!!

(All Pedal-n-Pole photo’s are shot on a Canon G1X)

So I opened up the PPPC office the other day an noticed that the last time a post went up was 12/31/13!! How on earth did this happen again? Almost two full months have gone by without a post. Sadly, this is a massive disappointment on so many levels;
1) PPPC recently bought a new camera an despite the fact that the blog owner/operator skis everyday, not a single ski photo has been taken since 12/31/13
2) PPPC had all these plans to post up daily articles about nutrition, workouts, cute/whimsical(what in the hell is a “stride box”?) type stuff, or even what outfit I am working out in that day;


Let’s take this out for a trot around the block……

But as usual-NONE OF IT HAPPENED!!

Luckily here in America when you can’t get all of your work done you can get someone to do it for FREE! And after an exhaustive search; Pedal n Pole has hired an intern!


SHHH!! Intern working.

PPPC decided to give this guy a chance due to the fact he claims he can get a Bryan Fletcher post Sochi interview and always seems to have large amounts on barrel aged spirit’s on hand. The Intern’s duties will include editing, content production, daily cleaning of the PPPC office facilities, vehicles, as well as daily ski tunes for both Tele and Nordic gear along with anything else we the management feel is vital for operational success. The intern has been warned that if he fails to fulfill these duties, his services and passport will be traded out to Trail Run Girl where he will immediately and for eternity find himself editing posts on hot cocoa, pink running shoes, and leggings!

So come along for the outdoor adventure and photography as Pedal N Pole Park City works to maxmize it’s return on The Intern!

(All Pedal-n-Pole photo’s are shot on a Canon G1X)