As usual I am fully engaged and focused on running the e-commerce powerhouse that is Pedal N Pole and just don’t have time to get these damn posts out. This is why we hired an Intern so that posts would go up on a weekly if not daily basis but things just have not worked out quite so seamlessly.

For instance; Here is how I found the intern almost a full week late getting back to the PPPC offices after the trip to his special bakery in Colorado;

Really starting to question the credentials of this Faber College.

Really starting to question the credentials of this Faber College.

I am not sure if the intern really ever woke up or was even mentally back from Rado but he was given a very specific task with the threat of all college credit being revoked if it was not completed ASAP!

You would think rating the Apres Ski scene’s at our local Utah resort’s would be a fun and challenging task for a young greenhorn Intern as opposed to say refiling TPS reports for all PPPC employees and expectations were pretty high for this project and the anticipated spike in net traffic which would also result in a ton of e-commerce activity so we could maybe pay some bills around here!


Was I sadly mistaken and while I gave a specific directive; The Intern had other plans. I wasn’t sure whether to publish this or deport the intern back to Cleveland but I didn’t have time for a full re-edit so here it is, through the eye’s of the Intern;

Utah Apres Ski in pictures; (click on the pics to enlarge)


I'm at the Beach!

I’m at the Beach!









It is so carefree!

The locals favorite!











Perfect for the high schooler in the family.

Perfect for the high schooler in the family.











Spring Break is on at the Super Pipe!

Spring Break is on at the Super Pipe!





















Deer Valley;









The Canyons;

Can't I just get to my car?

Can’t I just get to my car?












Beaver Mountain;

Damn Mosquitoes!

Damn Mosquitoes!












Snow Basin;

Partaaaaay yall!

Partaaaaay yall!











Powder Mountain;

Country living!

More barns than people!








And the personal favorite resort of the PPPC Staff, Alta-where Apres seriously goes off;

Damn Snowboarders!

Damn Snowboarders!








After making it through this post, first thing I did was find the Intern and put him in time out;

This close to getting deported back to Cleveland!

Do you really want to be sent back to Cleveland!?











Maybe the Intern will get a shot a redemption, maybe……..

Keep on Apresing(PPPC cannot confirm this is an actual word)!


So the intern has the weekend off, he was mumbling something about being out of baked goods and he had to go to Colorado to his “Special” bakery. Ok, whatever, I guess I will just have to run the blog on what should be my day off. Since the Intern would have to have done the tedious portion of laying out the photo’s into the WordPress template and resizing them and all of that crap that makes me want to start punching my cats, I am putting as little effort into this post as possible.

With that said,

Here are some random photo’s from the past week;



(insert your own mental caption for this pic in here)


AND THEN SOMETHING REALLY AMAZING HAPPENED!!(seriously, is there anything more tiring than this phrase attached to anything?)




The Intern is going to have a lot of cleaning up to do around here!

(All Pedal-n-Pole photo’s are shot on a Canon G1X)