For the eight people or so who regularly follow this at best, sporadic attempt at a outdoors blog; by far the overwhelming favorite feature is Pics of the Month!! And as editor in chief I really like it too because;

1) I can do it myself with no help from the intern who has disappeared after being threatened with deportation back to Cleveland

2) there is not much writing involved because¬† no one cares about anything but pictures anyway(well, unless maybe it is the occasional tear jerking dog/owner or dog/veteran owner, what happens next is incredible type thing…)

So without further adieu; PICS OF THE MONTH! and always remember to click on the pics as they get real big an vivid,




Just another pretty MEDUSA FACE!




Spotted on the Santa Clara River Preserve trails in St. George, Planet Utah.




It’s a safe bet that I will never be a billionaire but I have seen a Gila Monster live in the wild.



Soaring above the LCC!















Sovereign Trail; King Moab, Utah.








How do you know you just had a kick ass time in Moab? The desert itself offers up a wink an a smile!







Death Star clearly visible from the ridge.



The staff of Pedal N Pole Park City sincerely hopes you have enjoyed this small Utah picture journey! Time to recreate……


(All Pedal-n-Pole photo’s are shot on a Canon G1X)