When it comes to Kayaking and SUP a lot of people are put off by the fact that you need a large truck or roof rack to haul the fun to the water. Well NRS does not believe this has to be the case! Rather than a rigid Kayak or SUP, how about a NRS Inflatable! NRS produces the industry standard inflatable Kayaks and SUP‘s and they are on Fall Clearance right now!

All you need to get on the water is a pump!
IMG_0554On the right we have a rigid SUP. Notice the expensive, large rack. On the left, regular paddling partner, Gary Marcoccia does it the easy way by just pumping the fun into his sweet NRS Earl 6!

Another advantage to inflatables is that they can be used with confidence on rivers and streams. Since the construction is drop stitched, super heavy duty poly pro, you can bounce it off rocks all day with out worrying about getting your board all dinged up! The Earl 6 also has a bunch of convenient tie downs so you can pack along gear for a quick overnight camp out or a six pack for the other side of the lake!

Pump Up the FUN with NRS Inflatables and take the ding worry and  rack hassles out of the FUN equation!

Keep on Paddling!

(All Pedal n Pole Photo’s are shot on a Canon G1x.)