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2015-11-28 20.08.30……and want a Soft track skate ski you can basically bite it as far as Atomic is concerned. The top photo is the weight recommendation for the longest available World Cup Soft Track Skate and the weight recommendation tops out at 174lbs! Of course this is realized AFTER the package shows up as the unnamed online retailer did not list correct weight specs and yes We should have checked the Atomic site before ordering so it is the Editors fault. But is it terribly out of line to consider that the longest ski available in a line marketed in north Merica would accommodate a 200lb plus athlete? We also have to ski on a soft track once in a while.

Adding further insult is the Atomic size chart; The only time a recommended weight goes over 200lbs is a hard track ski. Maybe this is an engineering thing or maybe it is the Nordic/Aerobic sports industries constant focus on creating gear/apparel for hobbit sized, euro creatures; no one can be sure.

The editor is not happy but is hoping these things ski ok as they were a killer deal!

Special note from PPPC:The editor weighs in usually just over 200 lbs during the rapidly approaching race season so PPPC so we will be reporting back on ski performance and updating this post. And one more thing-CLICK A MAGIC LINK AND BUY SOMETHING! It is Black Friday weekend for gods sake……

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2015-11-23 05.26.55When the sun sets over the inversion it can be amazing. The inversion, not so much….

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GFS dynamic tropopause (jet-stream level) loop! Just one more way of knowing that you are fucked……

(When we see things like this, PPPC often thinks about how cool it would be being a meteorologist but then the Editor remembers how he failed college math 101 and then decided a major focused on people talking loudly about idea’s would be a much better choice.)

On a side note, Pulled this feed off this guys webpage; http://wasatchweatherweenies.blogspot.com/


2015-11-21 18.52.03If there were a Nobel prize for Up-Cycling PPPC would have already won! What better way to keep those annoying scrapers and groove scrapers organized than with some old rear jean pockets duct taped to the shop wall!

2015-11-21 18.52.37A couple of screws keep the little bastards from falling all the way down and make for easy access right above the waxing bench!

Boom! Tuning Life simplified by the PPPC!

BTW: The Editor has noticed that you, yeah you looking at this post right now, have not clicked thru any of the magic links and bought anything in months! Do it right now or this cat;nelly 001will kill and eat you!

The Editor!

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To say the dreaded splits occur right over Utah is a understatement. (above shot; 11/21 water vapor loop) That spot in the trough is The Great Salt Lake….

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2014-12-29 20.03.17Last season we had this system that produced 77mph winds for days after the storm and just blew the absolute fuck out of everything. Blew so hard all that was left one morning were the packed footprints…….

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2015-11-06 05.04.40Pre storm shot in Canon Ultra Vivid mode.

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12193741_10153265500471915_4727356221877068209_nLake Powell, ut. Photo; Jeff Suttlemyer

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2015-11-01 00.47.59And then summer vacation finally ended for real………

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That horrible time of year is here for Nordic Skiers! It’s November and wtf do you really do to keep all that fitness developed when the sun was shining and didnt go down until 9pm? Now it is dark and rainy and all you want to do is go home and eat Ben and Jerry’s after work! Well a Hockey Shot Slide Board Pro in the garage can help! This device allows you to fully simulate the skate motion in 8 or 10 foot lengths! This is a killer device for doing high intensity intervals right in your own garage and not on a mind numbing bike/wind traier set up! Price for a 8ft’er is $189.95 and for a 10ft’er add another $20. I personally have a 10ft”er and love it! Hey it was even on “The Biggest Loser” a show where people hate to exercise but do it anyway for big cash prizes so that is heavy street cred when the homies show up to train! Just below highlighted in orange is a magic link that will take you right to the landing page so you can buy one RIGHT NOW! That first race of the season is only getting closer…….
Hockey Shot Slide Board Pro