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In every mountain town everywhere there are a really annoying couple of weeks where the Nordic center shuts down and the trails are not even close to being ready for mountain biking! The inhumanity! Not to mention this is a first world problem of the highest order.

It usually starts with a notice like this;  http://live.whitepinetouring.com/track-conditions/. This is when the “what the hell am I going to do for a workout on my lunch break” panic immediately sets in. Remember, your humble Editor was already told once this season that he looked fat in his race suit so we might be a little panicked about getting fat and being faced with going to the gym or this;


Fuck running.

is just too much reality.

If there is one activity that is “for training purposes only” it is running. Especially on the road as your humble Editor does not mind an occasional trail run but as for that roadie crap…….. well…….remember what your mother said about not being able to say nice things. And with trails not ready for mountain biking, they sure aren’t  ready for trail running!

In a pinch, this will work until real biking on dirt is available;


Is Tidal Wave dry yet?

But it is a poor substitute as there are no sweet airs to be had and should only be turned to when all other options are completely exhausted. Plus there is the chance of being spotted in public in spandex.

And so it goes here in the extremely jaded world of mountain athletics where not being able to train in your favorite discipline is seen as a major injustice. While we are months away from more of this;


Still the only place spandex is cool; On Snow!

We are only weeks away from this!


Enduro to the rescue!

The Editor.

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A few days back we had the story of mega loser, doper shit bag, Thorfinn-Sasquatch who was doping to get Strava KOM’s. Now comes the equally disturbing and pathetic tale of the Micheal Buckley, a 41 year old amateur cyclist from Reno, Nevada.

Since Buckley had no real natural ability of any sort he resorted to doping to compete in masters cycling races against a bunch of other old guys with jobs. Buckley’s doping program(like himself) must have been pretty pathetic cause after getting jacked up on a number of different steroids he was only able to come up with a 5th at a national time trial and 7th at the national crit championships. You just have to wonder “what the fuck” but our society has become seriously diseased since Ben Johnson ran that hundred way back in 88 in Seoul. And that Lance guy…..

Full details on this latest loser can be found at the link below;

Source: Accepts Doping Sanction | U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA)

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No one is going to hangout an ride with me this season! I mean look at this piece of shit; 26inch wheels and a front derailure!
2016-03-23 06.14.56

I guess I will never be fully enduro……..

Damn-now even ski movie pimp cat, Nelly S., is dissin me;

nelly 001

That is one neon fuckbike!

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2016-03-22 06.22.54Serious cloud variety as the unstable airmass/fuckweather cluster moves out of the SLC.

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2016-03-23 18.55.392016 Wasatch “Worm Moon

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The link below will drop you, gentle reader, into a world so fucked it is hard to even comprehend. You’ve all heard of pro cyclist Lance Armstrong who doped his way to millions and glory but behold the pathetic tale of Thorfinn-Sassquatch, a L.A. guy so lame and fucked that he dopes for STRAVA KOM’S! Click thru and and let this tale from our friends at cyclingtips.com make you feel great about your meager but clean athletic achievements……..(click right on that rider in the pic)

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Maybe we do some of this;

Or Maybe we do some of this today…….
10568997_989126937789024_3435216019453111185_nPhoto’s by GSAX!

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2016-03-10 19.01.56

2016-03-16 19.01.35

This is what my friends do all spring while I am stuck on the keyboard;12798829_1065141556841669_1450162589611789389_nPhoto credit; Gary GSAX Saxlehner

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2016-03-01 06.53.45When the vis gets this clear…….

2016-03-01 06.51.39……it means only one thing.