30. March 2016 · Comments Off on Dope up for what? · Categories: Blatant Utah tourism propaganda, doper loser shitbags

A few days back we had the story of mega loser, doper shit bag, Thorfinn-Sasquatch who was doping to get Strava KOM’s. Now comes the equally disturbing and pathetic tale of the Micheal Buckley, a 41 year old amateur cyclist from Reno, Nevada.

Since Buckley had no real natural ability of any sort he resorted to doping to compete in masters cycling races against a bunch of other old guys with jobs. Buckley’s doping program(like himself) must have been pretty pathetic cause after getting jacked up on a number of different steroids he was only able to come up with a 5th at a national time trial and 7th at the national crit championships. You just have to wonder “what the fuck” but our society has become seriously diseased since Ben Johnson ran that hundred way back in 88 in Seoul. And that Lance guy…..

Full details on this latest loser can be found at the link below;

Source: Accepts Doping Sanction | U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA)