15. July 2016 · Comments Off on Croquet is ending for the summer 2016 season! · Categories: Blatant Utah tourism propaganda

WTFn F! how does nothing get posted from May 8th until now? I thought we got rid of this inconsistent posting thing ever since firing the Intern! And it is not like anything huge hasn’t been happening! I mean croqueting on the regular, a new Facebook page has now been erected to demonstrate our love for the game, in addition to The Summer Classic which was contested on the calendar day 6/26 and I won all the money!

But onto the bigger news; as you, gentle readers, know; The Man of the House and owner of the croquet court is also highly decorated 100mile racer(actually THE most decorated), Karl Meltzer. He has decided to end the 2016 summer croquet season due to the fact he is trying to break the Appalachian trail through record for a third time! This attempt gets underway next week and The Lady of the House is not going to be putting up with croquet and drinking going on until all hours of the night in the backyard without the Man of the House in attendance!

You, gentle reader, can become advised of the all the details right here; http://trailrunnermag.com/people/news/2227-karl-meltzer-takes-on-the-at-again

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