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I usually don’t post pics of my bad self but in this case I thought it would be interesting to do a side by side photo quality comparison. The above shot was taken on the latest i-phone while my shots of this same area were taken on a Canon G1x. The G1x is a true point and shoot but it does have the highest level sensor chip in Canon’s lineup so it can produce great images. Only problem is the i-phone is way smaller, way more portable, and also runs your life as a side benefit! Compare for yourself;
2015-09-23 00.00.59-22015-09-21 23.52.12-1
These shots were taken in G1x Ultra Vivid mode so the color is a little bolder than the i-phone but carrying the G1x and constantly having to take it out of your pack and put it back in blows. Also the depth of field and detail look solid in the i-phone shots. Them camera companies are going to really have to get in the game if they want to stay relevant! Compared to an i-phone the G1x is a brick. My colleague Chad even commented on the fact that I had a camera in my pack and not a phone!

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