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When the OMB speaks; Take Notes!!


THE OMB Holding Court on any given day in a sweet Mountain Town not near you

(BTW; If you don’t know who the OMB is, you are probably doomed to a life of being clad in some Wal Mart or Sears off brand puffy and thinking it is ok)

But anyway some big analytic’s are about to drop here at the PPPC as The OMB breaks down the numbers YOY on how many Rain Days we have had so far this season in the Usedtosnowsatch mountains. Yeah, you read that correctly so I recommend keeping this blog open all in a tab day in your browser because when this becomes street knowledge, you will want to be in the know and share that info across all social media platforms simultaneously!

If you get bored waiting click through a damn link and buy something as there is no guarantee as to when this info is going to drop.

The Editor


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OH MY WOW! Winter here in the home range has gone from ATROCIOUS to FUCKING ATROCIOUS!

As you are no doubt already aware, The Pedal n Pole kicked off a long awaited new feature this season; Old Man Bentons Wasatch Winter Rain Calendar!!

Don’t even tell me you don’t remember who THE OMB is;
This fully integrated technological wonder of a calendar allows you, gentle reader, to follow along with Old Man Benton as he tracks all of the days when it rained instead of snowing here at 7,100 ft, base elevation of Pedal n Pole Park City‘s world head quarters located in played out, crowded as shit, Park City, Ut! (We had a small ski contest here a number of years ago when it used to snow called the 2002 Olympics)

NanaWall Skullcandy - 1080.00_01_49_21.Still014 300

Dammit! Those SkullCandy goons tagged our building again!

So it is with great fanfare that we announce the New Addition to the OMB Wasatch Winter Rain Calendar; SMOKE DAYS!

This is a day where rather than snowing it actually smelled like fire smoke because even though it is winter, California is still buring to the ground and sending it’s smoke our way;index

Here is a NASA diagram of this travesty in action;

SMOKE DAYS!!! Now appearing on OMB’s Wasatch Winter Rain Calendar! More fun that 40 inches up the LCC!

Of course 40 inches now refers to monthly totals in the LCC as opposed to storm totals but We did have the 90’s didn’t we?

Luckily, Lou The Magician at WPT got the 3k rolled out and groomed despite only 6 inches out of the last(and only) storm.

The Time For Snow God Sacrifices is NOW!!

The Editor,


PS. it has been said that clicking thru and actually buying something off an Affiliate link can make it snow so click thru this,and BUY SOMETHING TODAY! It only workls if you buy something so winter is now on you pal….

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Morning 11/27 was magic; a storm was coming in and anything could happen as we wait for the endless Wasatch Summer to end.

Pre frontal moisture produces the most amazing colors and usually a shit ton of snow;




The colors went off but the storm sucked and the endless summer is still firmly in place…….

Snow God Sacrifices might soon be required.

The Editor,


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All New for 2017! It’s the Pedal n Pole Gifts for YOU Gift Guide for the core outdoors person! The Editorial Staff was very conscious to put this together in a highly user friendly, clickable format to maximize buying potential by you, gentle reader. (Our Director of Consumer experience has fully signed off on this post, fyi)

Starting off the Holiday Joy;
Nothing says love like a stratospherically priced, way over built, indestructible cooler! So ask for one. Personally we want one of EACH from the Yeti catalog. Nothing says you have made it more in the core outdoors world than pulling a cool one from the iced out confines of your Yeti Cooler while lounging in a reclining camp lounger at the bottom of the Zen trail. Dare to picture it…..

The Best Possible Gift is, of course, CASH!
But how do you just straight up ask for money? In the Form of a REI Gift Card! Then you can buy whatever cool stuff you want and do not have to risk recieving an off brand gift from a loved one who does not understand outdoor brand culture.(I mean, no one wants a Columbia puffy…)

Quality Travel Gear and Camp Chairs are expensive!
So ask for them as gifts! Just send your relatives the link below and be sure to include a detailed list of desired items.

You don’t want socks or a sweater this year; You want a LONG TRAVEL GHOST 29ER! Don’t even take the chance of being given the wrong gift. Just send that link over in a email asap!

Asking for pricey outdoor gear as gifts sure can take the sting out of the pocketbook! Tis the season not to be shy and aim high on the gift prices!!

The Editorial Staff,


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…….They are coming! 2018 is definitely going to be the year of the eBike with sales up 80% yoy in 2017.

These eBikes do not have a throttle and use a pedal assist model.

Raleigh is one of the companies leading they way into this moto/mtn world. Take a look;
YouTube Preview Image

The entire line of Raleigh eBikes can be found by clicking through these banners(and it wouldn’t hurt to actually buy something, gentle/freeloading reader);

Trail and usage management issues are going to be poppin like Jiffy pop in 2018!!

Here in Park City we have an eBike share program that just done blew up over the summer. First of it’s kind nationwide apparently. So many eBikes on the bike paths and all over the town. The average tourist loves these things and especially passing spandex clad local roadies who also use the bike path.

A lot of bell clanging and yelling “Left” going on….

Going to be a interesting next couple years on the dirt!

The Editor,


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Whenever a storm front is bearing down on the Wasatch some pretty insane sunset/sunrises are a daily thing; IMG_0024

Our friend, the 8k funktop loop, shows the moisture is on the way; http://www.ssd.noaa.gov/goes/west/weus/h5-loop-ft.html

Big question is; Does the Mountain Biking Season end on Thursday; 11/15?

Stay tuned to find out!


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YES!! We did it again………

Everyone who has anything to do with anything has been fired here at PPPC and this blog is still the worst in the industry. No consistent posting. No consistent line of content. The only thing really worth a crap here is our Affiliation with Freeski Cat Super Star, Big Nelz.

But damn, we do know how to have a good time!

3-2-1, Dropping!

Rock pops for days!


Pro Gap Alert!

All action stunts performed by the undercover as Diamondback Bikes Marketing Manager/Mega Shredder; TJ Trotter on the Grafton Mesa DH trail and the big gap is the Grafton Gap for the dead and or way uninformed.

Check out TJ’s New for 2018, Diamondback Carbon Release right here;

So despite again being named Worst Outdoor Blogger of the Year, PPPC is back for winter 2017!

Some new features added to the site for this season include Old Man Bentons Wasatch Winter Rain Calendar! Boy are we excited to kick this one off! This allows you, gentle reader, to accurately account for all the days this coming winter where it rains when it used to snow! OMB(Old Man Benton) lives at 7,000ft where it actually used to snow all winter long and now does not and he is NOT Happy about this at all.

From the entire staff here at Pedal n Pole Park City; Welcome back Winter!
(though high pressure currently reigns in the Wasatch so that means a lot more mtn biking and OMB is already PISSED!)


And click a damn link and buy something!

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Crazy Hailstorm that delayed 5/8 croquet!

This went on for 20 minutes!

And then the games continued……..

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They are just a little left of that aspen tree…..

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WTFn F! how does nothing get posted from May 8th until now? I thought we got rid of this inconsistent posting thing ever since firing the Intern! And it is not like anything huge hasn’t been happening! I mean croqueting on the regular, a new Facebook page has now been erected to demonstrate our love for the game, in addition to The Summer Classic which was contested on the calendar day 6/26 and I won all the money!

But onto the bigger news; as you, gentle readers, know; The Man of the House and owner of the croquet court is also highly decorated 100mile racer(actually THE most decorated), Karl Meltzer. He has decided to end the 2016 summer croquet season due to the fact he is trying to break the Appalachian trail through record for a third time! This attempt gets underway next week and The Lady of the House is not going to be putting up with croquet and drinking going on until all hours of the night in the backyard without the Man of the House in attendance!

You, gentle reader, can become advised of the all the details right here; http://trailrunnermag.com/people/news/2227-karl-meltzer-takes-on-the-at-again

Hey, and click thru a freaking Affiliate link and buy something for the love of christ! We are pretty much starving over here……

The Editor