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This is how it went down; after a titanic effort in the closing meters, finally passed blacksuit on his right but suddenly we are locked in a OLD GUY DEATH LUNGE as black suit regains momentum and pulls even on the left,

Shitters!! Blacksuit takes the lunge and I am GOING DOWN! Right on the line, in front of everyone!

So going down…..(and from this angle also looking fat in my skin suit)

…to the abyss…

I get up, drop my bib in the barrel, exit the finish area, and am immediately told by a fellow racer/bro that I look fat in my skinsuit! Yeah, another perfect day at the Wasatch Citizens Series annual Soldier Hollow 10k!

Just a fyi gentle readers; this is what a lunge should look like,Men´s-sprint-finishing-line

Photo credits go to Jeremey Britto. If you would like your body and soul crushed like bug, sign up for one of his classes at Miners Town Crossfit in Park City, ut!

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Just another Ralph Lauren pastel, pre storm sunrise here in the SLC!
2016-01-22 19.56.52

2016-01-22 19.57.57

2016-01-22 19.58.57
In the Wasatch it is “pastel sky in the morning, skiers get ready for storming!”

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cropped-2016-01-21-19.52.05.jpgThat pink means the storm is coming.

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2016-01-19 18.55.47If this is happening and the cold front hasn’t even shown up, get the snowblower in standby mode!

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2016-01-21 19.51.10Red sky in the morning.

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2015-12-30 06.22.41Why wait another 5 months to play Croquet when you can turn you entire backyard into a Snoquet course?
2015-12-30 06.24.15Karl Metlzer certainly is not waiting around until summer.
2015-12-30 07.34.10Push broom Zamboni keeps it smooth between matches. Time to play!

I am not sure if this type of grooming is going on any where else in the Fat Bike universe but out in American Fork Canyon, Mike Rossberg, owner/operator of Thin Air Cycles in Draper, Ut, has taken things to the next level with dedicated Fat Bike specific grooming!

The rig utilizes a snowmobile just like conventional Nordic style grooming but that is where the similarities end.

Rossberg has developed this killer set up to groom Fat Bike snow single track! Next Level!

The finished product waiting for the shred!

The grooming apparently just started this week and The Utah Mtn Bike Trail Conditions Network will be updating post storm grooming.

Here is what Mike had to say about the first week of grooming; “We did some first time snow grooming on the upper sections of American Fork Canyon yesterday. Timpanooke campground, main road to the summit, down Willow. Fat bike nirvana on Trail #150 and Pine Hollow. Both have been previously packed and are perfect fatty single track.”

PPPC will be following this story as it develops and hopes to get a full interview with Mike Rossberg posted up asap! In the meantime head out to Thin Air Cycles and buy something!

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GFS dynamic tropopause (jet-stream level) loop! Just one more way of knowing that you are fucked……

(When we see things like this, PPPC often thinks about how cool it would be being a meteorologist but then the Editor remembers how he failed college math 101 and then decided a major focused on people talking loudly about idea’s would be a much better choice.)

On a side note, Pulled this feed off this guys webpage; http://wasatchweatherweenies.blogspot.com/


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To say the dreaded splits occur right over Utah is a understatement. (above shot; 11/21 water vapor loop) That spot in the trough is The Great Salt Lake….

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2014-12-29 20.03.17Last season we had this system that produced 77mph winds for days after the storm and just blew the absolute fuck out of everything. Blew so hard all that was left one morning were the packed footprints…….