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Skin side down people and keep em in one piece!

The Editor,


This is what my friends do all spring while I am stuck on the keyboard;12798829_1065141556841669_1450162589611789389_nPhoto credit; Gary GSAX Saxlehner

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Early snow in the Wasatch is never a good thing and we definitely got it this season. That shit turns into Surface hoar and when a little weight drops on top; the curtain comes down. Take a look at a selection of recent avy photo’s shot by Mark White who spends winter as a observer for the Utah Avalance Forecast center;
12642574_771426192962385_7350898252678354607_nMother of god! a 3ft plus crown!

12644907_768480229923648_6716315561268911423_nVery popular Holy Toledo shot which was set off by a local helicopter ski outfit. This one slid as the 15th skier in the group was on it!

12645222_771449836293354_1419166915086967634_nCan you say “Ripped to the fucking ground!”? I knew you could……

12670087_771775036260834_589301449329373085_nNotice how this one covered up existing tracks? Just cause others have skied it doesn’t mean shit.


Wind drift cracks a propagating!

All of the above shots are of man eaters! Back Country skiing is something that must be approached with a lot of respect or you will end up dead.

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2015-12-30 06.22.41Why wait another 5 months to play Croquet when you can turn you entire backyard into a Snoquet course?
2015-12-30 06.24.15Karl Metlzer certainly is not waiting around until summer.
2015-12-30 07.34.10Push broom Zamboni keeps it smooth between matches. Time to play!

2015-10-24 01.00.31Oh Shit! She’s on upper Mega Steps!

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2015-10-25 01.02.342015-10-25 01.02.35-12015-10-25 01.02.35-22015-10-25 01.02.36-1 Mike Blarowski, owner/operator of bc25.com shows the tourists whaz up. Do it to the crowd!

2015-10-25 01.07.34Oh shit! She’s on lower Ahab!

12111947_10205958578616395_6271700312154048013_nAll fired up post rampage; Kelly Taylor boostin The Grafton Gap.

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nelly 001Everone has probably seen a dog in a ski movie. That started way back with Zudnick in the Blizzard of Ahh’s but how many times have you ever seen a cat in a ski movie? Never, right? Well bitches meet Nelly Scoville the most badass ski cat on the fucking planet!

Nelly busted down the barrier in Janky Film’s Boot Deep. Just click thru that link and go straight past them ho ass skiers n boarders tryin to blow up right to 16:10 to witness ski movie history being made with Nellie’s insane segment!

As of right now the SKI Dog just took a backseat to pimp cat ski history! Rock tha shit Nelly!

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601703_571971886168051_1826617593_nKG and Lucid Cycles.

(All Pedal n Pole Photo’s are shot on a Canon G1x.)