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In every mountain town everywhere there are a really annoying couple of weeks where the Nordic center shuts down and the trails are not even close to being ready for mountain biking! The inhumanity! Not to mention this is a first world problem of the highest order.

It usually starts with a notice like this;  http://live.whitepinetouring.com/track-conditions/. This is when the “what the hell am I going to do for a workout on my lunch break” panic immediately sets in. Remember, your humble Editor was already told once this season that he looked fat in his race suit so we might be a little panicked about getting fat and being faced with going to the gym or this;


Fuck running.

is just too much reality.

If there is one activity that is “for training purposes only” it is running. Especially on the road as your humble Editor does not mind an occasional trail run but as for that roadie crap…….. well…….remember what your mother said about not being able to say nice things. And with trails not ready for mountain biking, they sure aren’t  ready for trail running!

In a pinch, this will work until real biking on dirt is available;


Is Tidal Wave dry yet?

But it is a poor substitute as there are no sweet airs to be had and should only be turned to when all other options are completely exhausted. Plus there is the chance of being spotted in public in spandex.

And so it goes here in the extremely jaded world of mountain athletics where not being able to train in your favorite discipline is seen as a major injustice. While we are months away from more of this;


Still the only place spandex is cool; On Snow!

We are only weeks away from this!


Enduro to the rescue!

The Editor.

2015-10-24 01.00.31Oh Shit! She’s on upper Mega Steps!

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2015-10-25 01.02.342015-10-25 01.02.35-12015-10-25 01.02.35-22015-10-25 01.02.36-1 Mike Blarowski, owner/operator of bc25.com shows the tourists whaz up. Do it to the crowd!

2015-10-25 01.07.34Oh shit! She’s on lower Ahab!

12111947_10205958578616395_6271700312154048013_nAll fired up post rampage; Kelly Taylor boostin The Grafton Gap.

2015-10-13 04.17.21-2If left to my own devices this time of year all I would be doing is riding and posting photo’s…..

2015-09-23 00.00.59-2
Just another PC lunch hour with your host Chad Waite.

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2015-09-21 23.52.12-1

Park City right now.

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Do you realize how fucking enduro this fanny pack is? Huh? Anything other than a Dakine Hot Laps is a bunch a fuckshit! What? You’re still riding with some bust ass Camelbac an think you are all enduro? Sheeeeeet………buncha fuckboys!

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11885214_977550552266610_4606564754728323530_nJust in case you didn’t know; THE FANNY PACK IS BACK!! So unless you are rocking the Dakine Hot Laps enduro style, you are basically a giant loser who should probably just quit mtn biking. Clicking that link and buying a Hot laps right now will make you way less of a loser.