FOX IPA Bitches!

It is no secret that the PPPC staff ONLY Rides FOX Suspension! Since like 1999, Y2k shit.

Only problem now is PPPC is based in Park City, Ut and the co-branded brew will never make it out here! Better chance of seeing Maroni have a Cosmo at Ex Wifes Place!

EVO Last Chance Sale!

Guess a road trip to Asheville now has to happen……

The Editor;


2015-11-21 18.52.03If there were a Nobel prize for Up-Cycling PPPC would have already won! What better way to keep those annoying scrapers and groove scrapers organized than with some old rear jean pockets duct taped to the shop wall!

2015-11-21 18.52.37A couple of screws keep the little bastards from falling all the way down and make for easy access right above the waxing bench!

Boom! Tuning Life simplified by the PPPC!

BTW: The Editor has noticed that you, yeah you looking at this post right now, have not clicked thru any of the magic links and bought anything in months! Do it right now or this cat;nelly 001will kill and eat you!

The Editor!

21. August 2015 · Comments Off on Meet Nelly-Ski movie pimp cat. · Categories: Blatant Utah tourism propaganda, High Altitude Rockstars, nellyfuckingscovillebitches!

nelly 001Everone has probably seen a dog in a ski movie. That started way back with Zudnick in the Blizzard of Ahh’s but how many times have you ever seen a cat in a ski movie? Never, right? Well bitches meet Nelly Scoville the most badass ski cat on the fucking planet!

Nelly busted down the barrier in Janky Film’s Boot Deep. Just click thru that link and go straight past them ho ass skiers n boarders tryin to blow up right to 16:10 to witness ski movie history being made with Nellie’s insane segment!

As of right now the SKI Dog just took a backseat to pimp cat ski history! Rock tha shit Nelly!