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In every mountain town everywhere there are a really annoying couple of weeks where the Nordic center shuts down and the trails are not even close to being ready for mountain biking! The inhumanity! Not to mention this is a first world problem of the highest order.

It usually starts with a notice like this;  http://live.whitepinetouring.com/track-conditions/. This is when the “what the hell am I going to do for a workout on my lunch break” panic immediately sets in. Remember, your humble Editor was already told once this season that he looked fat in his race suit so we might be a little panicked about getting fat and being faced with going to the gym or this;


Fuck running.

is just too much reality.

If there is one activity that is “for training purposes only” it is running. Especially on the road as your humble Editor does not mind an occasional trail run but as for that roadie crap…….. well…….remember what your mother said about not being able to say nice things. And with trails not ready for mountain biking, they sure aren’t  ready for trail running!

In a pinch, this will work until real biking on dirt is available;


Is Tidal Wave dry yet?

But it is a poor substitute as there are no sweet airs to be had and should only be turned to when all other options are completely exhausted. Plus there is the chance of being spotted in public in spandex.

And so it goes here in the extremely jaded world of mountain athletics where not being able to train in your favorite discipline is seen as a major injustice. While we are months away from more of this;


Still the only place spandex is cool; On Snow!

We are only weeks away from this!


Enduro to the rescue!

The Editor.

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The Wasatch Citizens Series is Utah’s preeminent Nordic Race series. Consisting of two classic and 3 skate events, The WCS gives non USA Ski team members a chance to slip on the skin suit and race in either open competition against seriously badass people or in age group graded competition where people actually have jobs and that sort of thing. Your humble Editor has been involved in this foolishness for at least a decade and a half with no signs of slowing down(well other than on the track…)

Since I race I cannot take photo’s and race simultaneously so Action Wife is usually tasked with photog duties. Action Wife might be the worst sports photographer in modern history and usually can’t even be trusted to get a decent shot of the Editor in action. Last weekends 20k was no different.

The PPPC staff thought it would be fun to add some funny comments to the most recent batch of Action Wife pics. Here we go;(the humorous caption will appear below the photo so continue scrolling downward)


WHAT!? 2 More laps on this bitch?!



God I wish I hadn’t decided to race in my pajamas!




I will crush EDITOR like bug!(Editor is the red suit waaay back at the end of the train)


“Oh hey it’s not my husband, the Editor, but I am going to get another picture of this guy”(thinks Action Wife as she gets yet another picture of Jeff Minema)


“Oh Hey! It’s another guy kicking my Husbands, The Editors, ass! Lets get a sweet pic of him crossing the finish line!”

Wait a minute! Here is a action shot of the Editor!

IMG_1047But of course it is pretty dark and so far away you really cant even tell who or what is going on in the pic!

Another pic; Of course there is no action involved and I crossed the finish line like 10 minutes ago…..


“Hey Nick; Do you think I look fat in my race suit?”

(BTW; Action Wife has officially been fired as Team PPPC photographer immediately following the 2016 WCS 20k!)

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Mountain Dell Nordic; World Class Nordic Skiing less than 10 minutes up Parley’s Canyon from the Salt Lake valley! Not only is Mountain Dell close to the city it is also very inexpensive and a great option for people looking to get away from the apocalyptic traffic of the Cottonwood Canyons. A season pass for a typical season that averages 90 days a year is only $55 for TUNA Members and $80 otherwise and a day pass is only $7!

The first thing you will see as you head down to the track at Mountain Dell is a volunteer collecting the day pass fee. Below is Eric who happened to be doing his volunteer shift this past weekend. These volunteers pull a couple of weekend shifts a year and get a free pass for their efforts. So when you show up to ski just give up the $7 and don’t hassle the volunteers or offer excuses as to why you don’t have a measly $7!

Once on the track the highway fades away and you are completely surrounded by killer track and equally killer views!
2016-02-05 23.52.29

As soon as the base is sufficient, classic and skate lanes are groomed daily.

2016-02-06 00.01.34

Granduer Peak is always in the background no matter where you are on the track.

2016-02-06 00.01.56-1

More killer views and more perfectly buffed skate lanes! This section below follows a small stream and it is not uncommon to see moose, elk, and mule deer by the water.

2016-02-06 00.20.48-2Mountain Dell Nordic; easy access sliding just minutes from the valley!

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This is how it went down; after a titanic effort in the closing meters, finally passed blacksuit on his right but suddenly we are locked in a OLD GUY DEATH LUNGE as black suit regains momentum and pulls even on the left,

Shitters!! Blacksuit takes the lunge and I am GOING DOWN! Right on the line, in front of everyone!

So going down…..(and from this angle also looking fat in my skin suit)

…to the abyss…

I get up, drop my bib in the barrel, exit the finish area, and am immediately told by a fellow racer/bro that I look fat in my skinsuit! Yeah, another perfect day at the Wasatch Citizens Series annual Soldier Hollow 10k!

Just a fyi gentle readers; this is what a lunge should look like,Men´s-sprint-finishing-line

Photo credits go to Jeremey Britto. If you would like your body and soul crushed like bug, sign up for one of his classes at Miners Town Crossfit in Park City, ut!

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2015-11-28 20.08.30……and want a Soft track skate ski you can basically bite it as far as Atomic is concerned. The top photo is the weight recommendation for the longest available World Cup Soft Track Skate and the weight recommendation tops out at 174lbs! Of course this is realized AFTER the package shows up as the unnamed online retailer did not list correct weight specs and yes We should have checked the Atomic site before ordering so it is the Editors fault. But is it terribly out of line to consider that the longest ski available in a line marketed in north Merica would accommodate a 200lb plus athlete? We also have to ski on a soft track once in a while.

Adding further insult is the Atomic size chart; The only time a recommended weight goes over 200lbs is a hard track ski. Maybe this is an engineering thing or maybe it is the Nordic/Aerobic sports industries constant focus on creating gear/apparel for hobbit sized, euro creatures; no one can be sure.

The editor is not happy but is hoping these things ski ok as they were a killer deal!

Special note from PPPC:The editor weighs in usually just over 200 lbs during the rapidly approaching race season so PPPC so we will be reporting back on ski performance and updating this post. And one more thing-CLICK A MAGIC LINK AND BUY SOMETHING! It is Black Friday weekend for gods sake……

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GFS dynamic tropopause (jet-stream level) loop! Just one more way of knowing that you are fucked……

(When we see things like this, PPPC often thinks about how cool it would be being a meteorologist but then the Editor remembers how he failed college math 101 and then decided a major focused on people talking loudly about idea’s would be a much better choice.)

On a side note, Pulled this feed off this guys webpage; http://wasatchweatherweenies.blogspot.com/


2015-11-21 18.52.03If there were a Nobel prize for Up-Cycling PPPC would have already won! What better way to keep those annoying scrapers and groove scrapers organized than with some old rear jean pockets duct taped to the shop wall!

2015-11-21 18.52.37A couple of screws keep the little bastards from falling all the way down and make for easy access right above the waxing bench!

Boom! Tuning Life simplified by the PPPC!

BTW: The Editor has noticed that you, yeah you looking at this post right now, have not clicked thru any of the magic links and bought anything in months! Do it right now or this cat;nelly 001will kill and eat you!

The Editor!

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That horrible time of year is here for Nordic Skiers! It’s November and wtf do you really do to keep all that fitness developed when the sun was shining and didnt go down until 9pm? Now it is dark and rainy and all you want to do is go home and eat Ben and Jerry’s after work! Well a Hockey Shot Slide Board Pro in the garage can help! This device allows you to fully simulate the skate motion in 8 or 10 foot lengths! This is a killer device for doing high intensity intervals right in your own garage and not on a mind numbing bike/wind traier set up! Price for a 8ft’er is $189.95 and for a 10ft’er add another $20. I personally have a 10ft”er and love it! Hey it was even on “The Biggest Loser” a show where people hate to exercise but do it anyway for big cash prizes so that is heavy street cred when the homies show up to train! Just below highlighted in orange is a magic link that will take you right to the landing page so you can buy one RIGHT NOW! That first race of the season is only getting closer…….
Hockey Shot Slide Board Pro

2015-09-17 03.57.20Fall is here. Have you started specificity training?

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imagesIs it here?

What?….still 3 more months of enduro?!