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Monday 2/8/2016 and Snoquet is getting ready to go global with the first ever World Championships! Well, that is what we, the same 3 guys who play every week, deemed it. The long term forecast was looking warm and grim for court survival so the last night of play had to be big! It went down this way; $10 buy in and the winner of each game took $4 out of the pot. The 7th game would be played for the remaining $6 so cash monies were on the line!

As usual it was another perfect winter evening in the 2325. An immaculate course was quickly refreezing into a pool table like surface.
2016-02-08 06.26.33

The Man of the House took the extra step of lining the course with official Hoka One One sponsor flags which usually adorn his Speed Goat 50k race course. A nice touch for the main event.
2016-02-08 06.28.59

“Boots” Johnson started off play with a dismal, wicket blocker of a shot but this then allowed the rest of us to easily take a mallet head and advance onto the court.

2016-02-08 06.34.47

Since this was the Worlds a wicket cam was set up for live action shots though the battery quickly died due to some poor planning by “Boots”. There was also a Ice Castle theme to some of the court features. Another nice touch for the big game.

2016-02-08 06.51.31 Check the live action right here; https://vimeo.com/155150364

As luck would have it going into the 7th and penultimate game, all of us had won 2 games and had $8 of our $10 in pocket so all the marbles were on the line for game 7! As he is known to do, the Man of the House came from behind for a fairly dramatic win taking the $6 prize purse and the Overall 2016 World Title which he now keeps until next season!

2016-02-08 06.51.41In our push to turn Snoquet into a global thing, we now have our very own hashtag; #snoquet and are actively looking for sponsors so we can hang out in the backyard all winter drink beer and play snoquet with no jobs to get in the way of honing on snow skills. Actually the Man of the House already has this lifestyle due to being a professional mtn runner and coach but I(your humble Editor) and Boots are still cube slaves and looking to get in the lifestyle so we are ready to sell out asap! (Natty Lite are you listening?!)

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The worldwide take over continues as snoquet now has it’s own hashtag; #snoquet.

The court has gone to a whole new level(to be expected when a Red Bull athlete gets busy)
2016-01-28 06.15.05
Snoquet specific boots with climbing skins for stability and glide on the court;2016-01-28 06.11.30-2

And smoothness! Just imagine the roll…….2016-01-28 06.15.152016-01-28 06.14.34-2

Now all that is needed is a World Championships tourney! Egypt, are you in?

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2015-12-30 06.22.41Why wait another 5 months to play Croquet when you can turn you entire backyard into a Snoquet course?
2015-12-30 06.24.15Karl Metlzer certainly is not waiting around until summer.
2015-12-30 07.34.10Push broom Zamboni keeps it smooth between matches. Time to play!