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Any long term Wasatch Slider knows that POW days up the LCC/BCC can get nutty. Like world class nutty with lift lines whose length defy imagination and return trips out of the canyons taking 3 plus hours. But after a recent 40 inch, full pow frenzy producing storm, things went all world class nutty at Brighton Resort.

This guy below got so nutty he decided to get in a fight with a local SLC cop and then make a move for his gun!

Full story of how a 21 year old idiot ends his life can be found here: Would rather go to jail then ski pow

Though this sums up things pretty nicely; “The officer said he pulled his gun on Harrison at one point as he waited for backup to arrive. The man was eventually taken into custody and transported to jail in a police vehicle with a cage.”

We are still shaking our heads at this one. And it is also a little amazing this kid is still breathing as one thing in Utah; Cops do not discriminate by skin color, everyone gets shot. Utah cops shoot people laying on the ground with their pants around their ankles or a snow shovel in their hands. It is put your hands up and say “yes sir” “no sir” or wait for the sting of hot lead.

I guess this is just a case of smoking meth being a BAD idea before heading out for a pow day bros and broettes……

The Editor


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Normally here at the PPPC, we do not give a rats ass about what mainstream, off brand puffy jacket wearing, non full carbon/ slack geo/enduro mtn bike rydn, society thinks about anything that goes on in the mountains or the culture surrounding it as the slopes, single tracks, trails, nordic centers, ect are already pretty full. Reacting to some Manahattanite’s drivel about “Cross Country Skiing” is not really a priority.

But, Gentle Reader, every once in a while you come across a piece that is really special and NYT’s Sam Anderson’s “What Cross Country skiing reveals about the human condition” is this on the Russian Track Teams PED regimen!

To be honest, I was pretty much done with this guy after the first sentence about winter sports all being a “total Hassle”.

“Every winter sport is — in addition to being an inspiring triumph of elegant majesty — also a total hassle. It is not easy to convert your soft, frail, squishy, warm human body into something that can survive in the hard world of frozen water. It requires all kinds of logistics: fitting, strapping, buckling, bundling, clomping, shivering.”

Yeah, loading skis into a car and putting on a jacket, pretty much insurmountable and Woah there Sambro; already strike one as XC skiing is THE least hassle by a magnitude 55 compared to a day up the LCC but I digress… Sambro here, in addition to being overwhelmed by loading some skis in a car, just doesn’t know anything about “Cross Country Skiing”.

The statement; “Even the sport’s greatest champions, over the course of an event, average speeds that would be legal in a school zone. In the racers’ slowest patches, struggling up terrible hills, schoolchildren could probably outrun them.” is so comically written by someone who has never attended an actual “Cross Country” Ski race as the speed smacks you straight upside the face!

Not sure I see anything slow going on here but Sambro from Manhattan might know differently;
YouTube Preview Image

The intern searched around the net real quick to see if we could locate Sambro;
PPPC staff is not yet convinced Sambro has ever been outside longer than the walk from the uber to the east village coffee bar but we are VERY biased and jaded.

Does the Manhattanite Nordic Expert, even realize that in “Cross Country Skiing” there are 2 disciplines? Skate and Classic?…….Sambro?…….Hello?

Classic is, of course, hella fast as well;
YouTube Preview Image

Sambro, The Nordic Skiing Expert wouldn’t know it as he, due to no hassles or insurmountable loading of skis into a car, is most likely inside with a good book;

Then we get this Pulitzer worthy observation; “Cross-country skiing is where the elegant majesty of winter sports goes to die an excruciatingly drawn-out death. So why would anyone do it? And why on earth would we ever watch?”

Well Sambro, Grace Be to ULLR!, how about this;
YouTube Preview Image

Gentle Reader; correct me if I am wrong but all I see here IS Elegant Majesty!

SO what the F is this supposed informed, professional journalist writing about?

Every old story stereotype of the sport he ever heard in his life!

Fake News!

Ok, back to living the dream…….

The Editor;


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Just another Ralph Lauren pastel, pre storm sunrise here in the SLC!
2016-01-22 19.56.52

2016-01-22 19.57.57

2016-01-22 19.58.57
In the Wasatch it is “pastel sky in the morning, skiers get ready for storming!”

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2016-01-19 18.55.47If this is happening and the cold front hasn’t even shown up, get the snowblower in standby mode!

IMG_0046Park cities Famous White Barn.

(All Pedal n Pole Photo’s are shot on a Canon G1x.)

When you live in Utah it is pretty easy to find a world class winter sporting event without really even trying. On this particular Saturday, 12/28/13 it happened to be the Nordic portion of the US Nordic Combined teams Olympic Trials! PPPC say’s HELL YES to all forms of Nordic skiing and racing and proceeded to take 465 pictures! Below are the best ones;(click on photo’s to enlarge to full screen)

Even the kids get in on the stoke as the athlete’s were led into the comp by Park City Nordic Team athlete’s!

Top Dog Tod Lodwick

Top Dog Todd Lodwick


Mr. 6 freaking time winter Olympian in total control.


Up Up!!




The usual unreal, perfect Utah weather for an event!


Things getting hot on the downhill!





Fierce comp face.



Yeah, my form is perfect!


These two were never more than an inch off each others skis!


Other world class races this corner would have been crowded with pro photogs! Not in Park City…….


Can you say HISTORY? I knew you could……


Lodwick gets the win! And makes history…….


Nobody even close!


The big winner today was Nordic Skiing!!

Did I mention this event was FREE to the public? Just another random day in Park City Utah!!
Keep Skating!
(All Pedal-n-Pole photo’s are shot on a Canon G1X)

When it comes to sunsets, everyone is always focused on island and beach locations as far as where the best sunsets occur. I would argue it is in the mountains, pre and post storm front. Here is my evidence;(click on pics to expand to full size)

Someone might want to call the forest service as it appears the mountains have burst into flames.

Just an average evening and then the sky starts exploding.

4 Alarm!

Storms fronts move massive amounts of moisture which the suns rays then refract into fantasy skyscapes. The mountainous Utah terrain is the location to capture this effect first hand!
Keep on snapping!
(All Pedal-n-Pole photo’s are shot on a Canon G1X)