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IMG_8034Horse with no name.

(All Pedal n Pole Photo’s are shot on a Canon G1x.)

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Bonneville Salt Flats. Photo credit: Steve Chapman

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Faster than you!

(All Pedal n Pole Photo's are shot on a Canon G1x.)

Mountain sports are no joke. Mountain Biking, Skiing, Nordic Skiing, Trail Running, SUP, whatever the choice; all around fitness is key. Here at PPPC, cross training is a year round endeavor with the focus being balance, strength, and power training.

We keep a number of work out items around the PPPC office; dumbbells, perfect push up handles, all forms of resistance bands, foam rollers, and a Indo Board. If you are not familiar with the skate/surf scene or don’t have friends involved with those heavily balance/power oriented sports, you probably have not come across Indo Boards.

Go Indo for massively improved balance and power!

Go Indo for massively improved balance and power!

The Indo Board itself is a fantastic work out but when you combine it with weights, Whole New Ball Game!!

Of course the Intern kills it on the Indo Board....

Of course the Intern kills it on the Indo Board….











Hands out from the body coming out of the squat focus’s the effort directly on the core.

Here the Intern demonstrates a basic squat with a dumbbell curl on each repetition. This is not the type of training that can be launched into without already having a solid Indo Board background as you can definitely get seriously hurt if the board would happen to go shooting out from under your feet so these workouts should not be attempted until you feel comfortable and in control on the board!






The Indo Board can also be used as a way to promote core stability while doing push ups;

These don't look like much-until you do 50 of them!

These don’t look like much-until you do 50 of them!



Once you get the board properly positioned get busy with the ultimate power/balance/core push up on the planet!





Can you say CORE BLASTER? I knew you could....

Can you say CORE BLASTER? I knew you could….





Pushing your body weight while maintaining side to side stability is a killer way to promote real core strength especially for muscle groups like the abs, shoulders, lower back, and forearms.



The next time you are looking to up the balance and power quotient in your cross training do it PPPC style and GO INDO!!

Keep on Training!


(All Pedal-n-Pole photo’s are shot on a Canon G1X)

For the eight people or so who regularly follow this at best, sporadic attempt at a outdoors blog; by far the overwhelming favorite feature is Pics of the Month!! And as editor in chief I really like it too because;

1) I can do it myself with no help from the intern who has disappeared after being threatened with deportation back to Cleveland

2) there is not much writing involved because¬† no one cares about anything but pictures anyway(well, unless maybe it is the occasional tear jerking dog/owner or dog/veteran owner, what happens next is incredible type thing…)

So without further adieu; PICS OF THE MONTH! and always remember to click on the pics as they get real big an vivid,




Just another pretty MEDUSA FACE!




Spotted on the Santa Clara River Preserve trails in St. George, Planet Utah.




It’s a safe bet that I will never be a billionaire but I have seen a Gila Monster live in the wild.



Soaring above the LCC!















Sovereign Trail; King Moab, Utah.








How do you know you just had a kick ass time in Moab? The desert itself offers up a wink an a smile!







Death Star clearly visible from the ridge.



The staff of Pedal N Pole Park City sincerely hopes you have enjoyed this small Utah picture journey! Time to recreate……


(All Pedal-n-Pole photo’s are shot on a Canon G1X)





The Intern out performing PPPC marketing duties undercover.


Always SO sleepy…….

As usual, I was about to fire the PPPC intern. Suddenly it is June and no posts went out in May despite the intern being tasked with specific topics about nutrition and leggings an all that outdoor athlete blog crap. But nothing happened other than the intern making multiple trips to the special Colorado bakery(Damn those must be some good doughnuts!) and then long pass out sessions on the company couch followed.


The time simply enough had come to find another fresh young intern and fire this one but then something really amazing happened! The intern in a last ditch effort not to end up getting deported back to Cleveland suggested he be allowed to organize a athletic sporting event that would wipe the slate clean an make everyone love him again. I said “Hey, Great! What is this competition you have in mind?”And that is when PPPC learned about the worldwide phenomena knows as the “Beer Mile”.


I drink beer and win races!


TRG Shoe/weapon system(give it a click).

Basically during the course of running a Beer Mile-participants must pound four beers, one before running each lap and the beer has to be over 3.2%!(There are penalty laps for throwing up)


I knew I would need help with a event of this magnitude so I called in some serious muscle; Park Cities TRG; That’s right-give this trail girl any crap an you might get a 6 inch stiletto heel right to the eye socket!

TRG needless to say was all in on the Beer Mile and all we needed was a date to get down to the business of running and pounding beers! The only week the intern did not have a previous commitment with his Colorado bakery was next week and 6/12/14 was picked as the date. The location is still being scouted but a suitable park int he Pinebrook area of Park City has been spotted. The intern has been tasked with setting the course this coming Tuesday. This event is open to pretty much anyone who feel like pounding 4 beers while running a mile.

As the event draws near, PPPC will post it’s location in the comments section of this post so start running and drinking ASAP!

Only 8 days to go until the Trail Run Girl/Pedal N Pole Park City Beer Mile!!


As we like to do around here once a month or so, it is time for Random Pedal N Pole Pics! As usual these are pics taken around the Wasatch and displayed here on the PPPC for no apparent reason. Today there are not even going to be any captions because no one reads blogs anyway unless they deal with celebrity sex lives or plastic surgery disasters so have at it;
(An don’t forget to click on those pics to see them full size)





The variety of views compliments of the PPPC!
Keep on snapping!
(All Pedal-n-Pole photo’s are shot on a Canon G1X)

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Racing at Soldier Hollow is DELUXE! Here is the Toko wax recommendation for tomorrows 15k.

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Heavy dense snow coats the mountains but missed Park City valley floor. The 5k is still too thin to roll! We need that additional foot………

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The big change up came in right on schedule leaving the Wasatch range snow pack touchy to say the least.