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2016-03-10 19.01.56

2016-03-16 19.01.35

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2016-03-01 06.53.45When the vis gets this clear…….

2016-03-01 06.51.39……it means only one thing.

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Mountain Dell Nordic; World Class Nordic Skiing less than 10 minutes up Parley’s Canyon from the Salt Lake valley! Not only is Mountain Dell close to the city it is also very inexpensive and a great option for people looking to get away from the apocalyptic traffic of the Cottonwood Canyons. A season pass for a typical season that averages 90 days a year is only $55 for TUNA Members and $80 otherwise and a day pass is only $7!

The first thing you will see as you head down to the track at Mountain Dell is a volunteer collecting the day pass fee. Below is Eric who happened to be doing his volunteer shift this past weekend. These volunteers pull a couple of weekend shifts a year and get a free pass for their efforts. So when you show up to ski just give up the $7 and don’t hassle the volunteers or offer excuses as to why you don’t have a measly $7!

Once on the track the highway fades away and you are completely surrounded by killer track and equally killer views!
2016-02-05 23.52.29

As soon as the base is sufficient, classic and skate lanes are groomed daily.

2016-02-06 00.01.34

Granduer Peak is always in the background no matter where you are on the track.

2016-02-06 00.01.56-1

More killer views and more perfectly buffed skate lanes! This section below follows a small stream and it is not uncommon to see moose, elk, and mule deer by the water.

2016-02-06 00.20.48-2Mountain Dell Nordic; easy access sliding just minutes from the valley!

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Just another Ralph Lauren pastel, pre storm sunrise here in the SLC!
2016-01-22 19.56.52

2016-01-22 19.57.57

2016-01-22 19.58.57
In the Wasatch it is “pastel sky in the morning, skiers get ready for storming!”

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2016-01-19 18.55.47If this is happening and the cold front hasn’t even shown up, get the snowblower in standby mode!

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2015-12-30 06.22.41Why wait another 5 months to play Croquet when you can turn you entire backyard into a Snoquet course?
2015-12-30 06.24.15Karl Metlzer certainly is not waiting around until summer.
2015-12-30 07.34.10Push broom Zamboni keeps it smooth between matches. Time to play!

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2015-09-26 17.14.49
Only 13 hours to go…….

2015-09-17 03.57.20Fall is here. Have you started specificity training?

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Hard Man!(leading the charge)

(All Pedal n Pole Photo’s are shot on a Canon G1x.)

When it comes to sunsets, everyone is always focused on island and beach locations as far as where the best sunsets occur. I would argue it is in the mountains, pre and post storm front. Here is my evidence;(click on pics to expand to full size)

Someone might want to call the forest service as it appears the mountains have burst into flames.

Just an average evening and then the sky starts exploding.

4 Alarm!

Storms fronts move massive amounts of moisture which the suns rays then refract into fantasy skyscapes. The mountainous Utah terrain is the location to capture this effect first hand!
Keep on snapping!
(All Pedal-n-Pole photo’s are shot on a Canon G1X)