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Holy WOW! Winter is almost here and that means race season is less than 2 months away!

Luckily high level Nordic training has been well underway here at Pedal-n-Pole world headquarters based in Park City, Utah. Big changes have occurred in the training program as a new head coach has been hired for the 2018/19 campaign.

Fans of the PPPC might recognize this guy;

Coach Old Man Benton!

He has big plans for this season and started me off on a full ketogenic diet because that is what most instagram fitness ho’s are currently pushing and the results have been nothing less than astounding!

See for yourself as this is a before shot of me doing some interval training this spring pre Coach OMB;

I didn’t have to wait long for drastic results as this shot was taken at a altitude camp in August;

The gains are pretty obvious!

Fast forward another couple months and WOW;

Ripped and ready to SHRED!

With Coach OMB On Board; It is definitely going to be a standout season here at the PPPC!

See you at the the races,

The Editor/PPPC

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This is how it went down; after a titanic effort in the closing meters, finally passed blacksuit on his right but suddenly we are locked in a OLD GUY DEATH LUNGE as black suit regains momentum and pulls even on the left,

Shitters!! Blacksuit takes the lunge and I am GOING DOWN! Right on the line, in front of everyone!

So going down…..(and from this angle also looking fat in my skin suit)

…to the abyss…

I get up, drop my bib in the barrel, exit the finish area, and am immediately told by a fellow racer/bro that I look fat in my skinsuit! Yeah, another perfect day at the Wasatch Citizens Series annual Soldier Hollow 10k!

Just a fyi gentle readers; this is what a lunge should look like,Men´s-sprint-finishing-line

Photo credits go to Jeremey Britto. If you would like your body and soul crushed like bug, sign up for one of his classes at Miners Town Crossfit in Park City, ut!

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That horrible time of year is here for Nordic Skiers! It’s November and wtf do you really do to keep all that fitness developed when the sun was shining and didnt go down until 9pm? Now it is dark and rainy and all you want to do is go home and eat Ben and Jerry’s after work! Well a Hockey Shot Slide Board Pro in the garage can help! This device allows you to fully simulate the skate motion in 8 or 10 foot lengths! This is a killer device for doing high intensity intervals right in your own garage and not on a mind numbing bike/wind traier set up! Price for a 8ft’er is $189.95 and for a 10ft’er add another $20. I personally have a 10ft”er and love it! Hey it was even on “The Biggest Loser” a show where people hate to exercise but do it anyway for big cash prizes so that is heavy street cred when the homies show up to train! Just below highlighted in orange is a magic link that will take you right to the landing page so you can buy one RIGHT NOW! That first race of the season is only getting closer…….
Hockey Shot Slide Board Pro

2015-09-17 03.57.20Fall is here. Have you started specificity training?

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OLY-2014-NORDIC-MENUnfortunately, no.
(BTW-Pedal and Pole cannot take credit for this killer shot!)

IMG_0013Sit Skier crushes the Wasatch Citizens Series.

(All Pedal n Pole Photo’s are shot on a Canon G1x.)