Enter the world of UN-advertised, underground, totally custom, Nordic grinds. Keep reading below as our man on the street has all the info……….

“What I learned last night…. No this is not some teen age coming of age story. This is a tale of listening to the best in the industry start a revolution.

After work last night, I walk through the parking lot to my car, and I notice the doors to our grinding room open. Naturally I go check it out. What I see is an evil genius and a mad scientist hard at work. The evil genius is Jeremy Teela, Olympian, bad-ass-with-a-.22-rifle-biathlete, and Cory Wubbles, the NCAA champion with an eye for detail that is UN-paralleled.

Racers at the 2012 Round Valley Round up in Park City, Ut.

Teela has 3 pair of Madshus Nanosonic skis and he has determined 3 of the four parameters for a proper grind. The fourth that he is looking for is better climbing. He has moisture movement, he has top speed, he has that free feeling, he just wants to tweak the climbing. That sounds like it can’t be related to structure, right? Wrong!

This article isn’t about structure, and how it breaks surface tension, it’s about how two minds, aided by salt and vinegar chips, pumpkin seeds and little bit of wax fumes and a couple beers, can come up with an idea that will revolutionize the ski grinding process for the local area.

Couple FAST guys from the 2012 Round Up.

Wubbles cleans the stone, over and over and over, tests the stone on a broken Rossignol Delta rental ski from 2002, it is ground so bare of definition, you wonder when he will grind straight through the base. Amazingly, he hasn’t even after over 200 passes over the stone. That should give you an idea of how many times he checks his work to make one clean grind.

Teela starts his pitch. “We need to get a win this week, our sticker, our grind..” he says. His energy is infectious. His statement is true. If we can establish our selves with a win this week(at Junior Nationals), we are insured to have volume next season, as senior nationals are to be held at Soldier Hollow, for the next two years.

If only they had gone CUSTOM!!

Excitement goes viral so quickly these days. I raced a prototype Cory Wubbles White Pine grind at West Yellowstone, and totally debunked the myth of a new grind. I skied on a brand new grind, with two coats of wax, and only 1Km in the ski before I selected it, and came in second place in a 50Km race, won by Leif Zimmerman, one of the great hopes of inter-mountain skiing, and a on-and-off again US ski team member. The day after I returned home, there were two people dropping off their skis, asking for the prototype grind… So back to the idea that will revolutionize the grinding process for the area… Underground, UN-advertised, and totally custom. You only know about it, after you got beat by it… That’s what I learned last night.

(of course, those that are beat by the our grinds are the competition, and if you come in and ask the right questions, Cory, Jeremy or I would love to figure out what it is that you are looking for, and make it happen!!!!)”

, HUH? Custom grind? I got my fast jeans on!

Alright skaters! No more generic grinds for Pedal n Pole Park City readers! Thanks to our man on the street, we now know what the best of the best are doing to get ready to race. Keep skatin!


(All Pedal-n-Pole photo’s are shot on a Canon G1X)

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