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2015-11-28 20.08.30……and want a Soft track skate ski you can basically bite it as far as Atomic is concerned. The top photo is the weight recommendation for the longest available World Cup Soft Track Skate and the weight recommendation tops out at 174lbs! Of course this is realized AFTER the package shows up as the unnamed online retailer did not list correct weight specs and yes We should have checked the Atomic site before ordering so it is the Editors fault. But is it terribly out of line to consider that the longest ski available in a line marketed in north Merica would accommodate a 200lb plus athlete? We also have to ski on a soft track once in a while.

Adding further insult is the Atomic size chart; The only time a recommended weight goes over 200lbs is a hard track ski. Maybe this is an engineering thing or maybe it is the Nordic/Aerobic sports industries constant focus on creating gear/apparel for hobbit sized, euro creatures; no one can be sure.

The editor is not happy but is hoping these things ski ok as they were a killer deal!

Special note from PPPC:The editor weighs in usually just over 200 lbs during the rapidly approaching race season so PPPC so we will be reporting back on ski performance and updating this post. And one more thing-CLICK A MAGIC LINK AND BUY SOMETHING! It is Black Friday weekend for gods sake……

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