Can you say dismal? We can and did this past Friday as this is what the Nordic center was looking like. (The streak of dirt mixed in with the red dye from bamboo directional poles really got me stoked to skate!). These might have been the worst skate ski conditions ever encountered by the Pedal and Pole crew! In some spots the impenetrable ice sheet was coated with a liberal frosting of “snirt”, a dirt/snow combination so slow, no wax known to mankind can produce glide. Instant forward rolls were the result of hitting this stuff with any speed(which picks up pretty quickly on glare ice!) Needless to say, spirits were pretty low on Friday. A storm was forecast like so many others this season. I wanted to believe…..

Then a crazy thing happened! It actually snowed! Not a massive storm by Wasatch proportions but more than enough to get the 5k rolled at White Pine Touring. Finally things are starting to look like  Park City, Utah!

This is what we are talking about! Blue skies and well covered tracks are the norm in Park City just as deep powder is the norm in the high Wasatch mountains. in addition to resetting the Utah Nordic season, all this new snow has also refreshed the local alpine resorts and the back country. Although that is a very different story.………



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