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Any long term Wasatch Slider knows that POW days up the LCC/BCC can get nutty. Like world class nutty with lift lines whose length defy imagination and return trips out of the canyons taking 3 plus hours. But after a recent 40 inch, full pow frenzy producing storm, things went all world class nutty at Brighton Resort.

This guy below got so nutty he decided to get in a fight with a local SLC cop and then make a move for his gun!

Full story of how a 21 year old idiot ends his life can be found here: Would rather go to jail then ski pow

Though this sums up things pretty nicely; “The officer said he pulled his gun on Harrison at one point as he waited for backup to arrive. The man was eventually taken into custody and transported to jail in a police vehicle with a cage.”

We are still shaking our heads at this one. And it is also a little amazing this kid is still breathing as one thing in Utah; Cops do not discriminate by skin color, everyone gets shot. Utah cops shoot people laying on the ground with their pants around their ankles or a snow shovel in their hands. It is put your hands up and say “yes sir” “no sir” or wait for the sting of hot lead.

I guess this is just a case of smoking meth being a BAD idea before heading out for a pow day bros and broettes……

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