Circle O Slick Rock on the Brand Trails.

One thing about Nordic skiing is that every part of your body needs to be fit to maximum capacity! Just thinking about that is tiring so cross training for XC has to be fun! Seriously, what is more fun than mountain biking in Moab Utah? For training purposes it provides all body/cardio ass beatings at will. The scenery is alien, other worldly, dinosaur country and the trails are UNREAL!

State of the Art trail building right here.

To train properly it is key to have an ample supply of training partners to shred red dirt an slick rock with. Luckily Pedal n Pole has NO shortage of those!(in fact some of our friends really need to get jobs an quit riding/sliding all the time!!) Busting your ass to catch a action wife or buddy who has put a gap on you while your trying to get up an over lizard an cactus covered red rocks sure is easier than doing intervals on roller skis!(ROLLERSKIING SUCKS! Did I just say that out loud…

Scoville ALWAYS has time to ride........

October and early November are some of the best times of year to spend in Moab. Everyday starts to blur down a little; sunshine, 58f, t-shirts/baggies, blue skies, sunscreen, big bikes, lounge chairs and beers in the parking lot. So many killer trails to choose from. In the blink of an eye the truck is being packed to head home and you don’t even realize you were down in the desert “training”.

The new Jurrasic trail; whole thing is that buff!

Keep riding!! PPPC.
(All Pedal-n-Pole photo’s are shot on a Canon G1X)

A few Posts back, Pedal and Pole Park City started up a series of five question interviews with locals who are either creating unique products or experiences for visiting skiers and mountain bikers. In the second installment of this series, Allison and Drew Cesati, owners and operators of YeeHaw Pickle Company are sitting for the five questions. After years in the ski industry, they came up with a very different idea as to how to sustain the Park City lifestyle. So take a few minutes and get to know Drew and Allison Cesati and YeeHaw Pickles.

Alison, Drew, and Gracie the wonder dog. Somewhere in Fruita, Co.

1) How did you both go from the Ski industry to pickles?

We both have backgrounds in Resort and Ski Industry Event Management. Drew was also a Coach for the men’s National Ski Team for years, and is currently coaching Team Summit out of the Canyons. Between us we’ve worked at The Canyons, Crested Butte Mountain Resort, USSA, Rossignol, and Deer Valley. We’ve always been very involved in the marketing/PR/sales that went along with all of our events and we loved the idea of building a brand and marketing it to the outdoor industry. We never expected pickles to be our outlet, but they are proving to be a perfect vehicle to building a fun, unique brand.

We came up with the name of our company and the logo of a Clint Eastwood like pickle donning a cowboy hat with mountains in the background before we even mastered our recipes. We envisioned Yee-Haw Pickle Company being involved in on-mountain event sponsorships, trail advocacy, youth winter sports and live music. Before we knew it, we were making the most awesome tasting pickles (divine pickle intervention, perhaps) and the Yee-Haw Pickle Company took on a life of its own.
2) Where can visitors and locals find your awesome, made in Utah, pickles?

Utah Whole Foods, The Market at Park City, Deer Valley Grocery, Epic Brewing, It’s F’n Hot, Taste Gardner Village, local summer farmers markets
3) What are your favorite local trails, winter or summer and why?

We love the mountain bike trails in PC. The new Armstrong Trail has got to be one of our favorites. You can tell that they put a lot of thought into the building of that trail. Add the Sprio downhill on a Fall day (mid-week to avoid crowds) and you have perfection. In the winter, we love getting out into the Uintas with our yellow lab, Gracie, and 9990 on a powder day is pretty sweet too.
4) How has the Park City mountain lifestyle affected your business model?

It has effected our model in every way, but especially in our marketing and branding efforts. The name “Yee-Haw” has nothing to do with the country version many people know. We are always belting out “Yee-haws!” when we are out skiing or riding singletrack. It’s a term of stoke, really. And even our product names are tied to the mountain lifestyle, especially our sweet & spicy pickle, the Steezy Bee Stacker. That, and we really want to stay involved in mountain events and the community. As we grow, and climb out of the challenging “start-up” phase, we will hopefully have more product, time and marketing dollars to put towards involvement with on-mountain initiatives.

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5) Where do you see Yeehaw pickles in ten years?

We would love to have a nationally recognized brand, not just in the food industry, but in the outdoor industry as well. We’re talking Title Sponsor of Mountain Bike Events, Ski Events…hell, maybe we’ll even have our own multi-day event by then – we’ve been dreaming up the “Yee-Haw Pickle Wasatch Sasquatch”, but you’ll have to wait to see what its all about……

Alright, Now everyone knows where to get the Wasatch’s finest pickles! Thanks Allison, Drew, and Gracie(the wonder dog). Also, don’t be surprised if you get passed by these two on the way up Armstrong……Keep slidin and ridin!


 YouTube Preview Image

Anyone who did the Round Valley round up 40 or 20 k last season might not want to relive the experience through youtube. It was really painful but in that good way that results from all epic condition races. There was an edition of the ULLR chase a few years back when they were running the “wilderness course”. After skating 20k into a fierce, uphill headwind, ULLR unleashed all his might at the foot of the real climb in the form of a massive blizzard but you skied out of it after about 5 k or so. Last season, with the blizzard in full effect an hour before the start, it was hard enough just getting out of the truck in the Quinns junction parking lot to contest the Round Up let alone trying to navigate the featureless “Land of Oz” trail in a complete white out. For every second of last years races, the 20 or 40k, the conditions were certifiabley EPIC! For anyone who wasn’t at the race, watch a few minutes of the video to get a feel for the day. Personally, I love racing in this kind of weather. All bets are off when ULLR strikes! With the current forecast showing the possibility of ULLR rearing his big white head next weekend, things could get EPIC! See you at the start.

Keep Skatin! PPPC.


YouTube Preview Image


This is really funny and the perfect thing to watch on a weather “transition” day. Snow Cycle!

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