While world renowned as an outdoor sports paradise, Utah is also a world class Photography paradise. The varied terrain, weather conditions, and light create spectacular images no matter what part of the state or level of photography.(click on images to enlarge to full screen)


Cairn on the Summit of Box Elder peak.

In a matter of hours you can traverse landscape from 11,000 ft alpine peaks,


Mt. Olympus; east bench of Salt Lake City.

………to stunning red rock vista’s in the southern portion of the state.


Red Rock Cliffs of Kayenta, Utah.

Utah’s elevation, weather conditions, lighting, and expansive horizon on a daily basis combine to create some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets on par with locations worldwide.


Random Salt Lake City sunset

Parts of southern Utah look downright alien!(pretty easy to picture dinosaurs roaming this landscape)


The view east off of Amasaback in King Moab, Utah.

At times the true stark nature of the high alpine, desert landscape is simultaneously apparent and stunning;


Oquirh and Stansbury mountains just west of Salt Lake City.

It does not matter if you are a professional photographer or rank amateur like myself, a Utah vacation is guaranteed to produce stunning images that will remain burned into your primal being for a lifetime!
(All Pedal-n-Pole photo’s are shot on a Canon G1X)
Keep on snapping!