Enter the world of UN-advertised, underground, totally custom, Nordic grinds. Keep reading below as our man on the street has all the info……….

“What I learned last night…. No this is not some teen age coming of age story. This is a tale of listening to the best in the industry start a revolution.

After work last night, I walk through the parking lot to my car, and I notice the doors to our grinding room open. Naturally I go check it out. What I see is an evil genius and a mad scientist hard at work. The evil genius is Jeremy Teela, Olympian, bad-ass-with-a-.22-rifle-biathlete, and Cory Wubbles, the NCAA champion with an eye for detail that is UN-paralleled.

Racers at the 2012 Round Valley Round up in Park City, Ut.

Teela has 3 pair of Madshus Nanosonic skis and he has determined 3 of the four parameters for a proper grind. The fourth that he is looking for is better climbing. He has moisture movement, he has top speed, he has that free feeling, he just wants to tweak the climbing. That sounds like it can’t be related to structure, right? Wrong!

This article isn’t about structure, and how it breaks surface tension, it’s about how two minds, aided by salt and vinegar chips, pumpkin seeds and little bit of wax fumes and a couple beers, can come up with an idea that will revolutionize the ski grinding process for the local area.

Couple FAST guys from the 2012 Round Up.

Wubbles cleans the stone, over and over and over, tests the stone on a broken Rossignol Delta rental ski from 2002, it is ground so bare of definition, you wonder when he will grind straight through the base. Amazingly, he hasn’t even after over 200 passes over the stone. That should give you an idea of how many times he checks his work to make one clean grind.

Teela starts his pitch. “We need to get a win this week, our sticker, our grind..” he says. His energy is infectious. His statement is true. If we can establish our selves with a win this week(at Junior Nationals), we are insured to have volume next season, as senior nationals are to be held at Soldier Hollow, for the next two years.

If only they had gone CUSTOM!!

Excitement goes viral so quickly these days. I raced a prototype Cory Wubbles White Pine grind at West Yellowstone, and totally debunked the myth of a new grind. I skied on a brand new grind, with two coats of wax, and only 1Km in the ski before I selected it, and came in second place in a 50Km race, won by Leif Zimmerman, one of the great hopes of inter-mountain skiing, and a on-and-off again US ski team member. The day after I returned home, there were two people dropping off their skis, asking for the prototype grind… So back to the idea that will revolutionize the grinding process for the area… Underground, UN-advertised, and totally custom. You only know about it, after you got beat by it… That’s what I learned last night.

(of course, those that are beat by the our grinds are the competition, and if you come in and ask the right questions, Cory, Jeremy or I would love to figure out what it is that you are looking for, and make it happen!!!!)”

, HUH? Custom grind? I got my fast jeans on!

Alright skaters! No more generic grinds for Pedal n Pole Park City readers! Thanks to our man on the street, we now know what the best of the best are doing to get ready to race. Keep skatin!


(All Pedal-n-Pole photo’s are shot on a Canon G1X)

 YouTube Preview Image

Anyone who did the Round Valley round up 40 or 20 k last season might not want to relive the experience through youtube. It was really painful but in that good way that results from all epic condition races. There was an edition of the ULLR chase a few years back when they were running the “wilderness course”. After skating 20k into a fierce, uphill headwind, ULLR unleashed all his might at the foot of the real climb in the form of a massive blizzard but you skied out of it after about 5 k or so. Last season, with the blizzard in full effect an hour before the start, it was hard enough just getting out of the truck in the Quinns junction parking lot to contest the Round Up let alone trying to navigate the featureless “Land of Oz” trail in a complete white out. For every second of last years races, the 20 or 40k, the conditions were certifiabley EPIC! For anyone who wasn’t at the race, watch a few minutes of the video to get a feel for the day. Personally, I love racing in this kind of weather. All bets are off when ULLR strikes! With the current forecast showing the possibility of ULLR rearing his big white head next weekend, things could get EPIC! See you at the start.

Keep Skatin! PPPC.


The quickest way to get to know a place is to get to know the people who live there. It is in that spirit that Pedal and Pole Park City is starting the local interview series. These interviews will consist of five questions and feature someone from around town who is making things happen as far as creating a local experience or product that encapsulates Wasatch mountain life. Pedal and Pole is excited to kick off this series with Paul Clark who is the current operator of the White Pine Touring Nordic center located in the heart of Park City. Paul is a longtime fixture on the local mountain bike and Nordic ski scene. An avid racer, he regularly places in the top end of any race within the inter-mountain west but most people who visit Park City know him as the guy at the Nordic center who is always smiling and ready to offer up great advice on some new gear or help get you fitted up with proper gear for a day of skiing. He is also the guy getting the grooming done, counting the money at the end of the day, and pretty much anything else that needs done around the place. So take a few minutes and get to know Paul Clark.

1) How did you end up a Nordic skier and then the head guy at White Pine Touring?

I was hired at White Pine back in ’96 to work as a rental boy. I was 14. Yeah, breaking the law. At that point in time, I was playing soccer and baseball, and not really into it anymore. I started riding mountain bikes, and wanted to learn more about them, so I started hanging around White Pine when it was up on Main st. I kept bugging the guys in the shop, so finally, I was offered a position at the Nordic Center for the winter, and if I did well, I would have the opportunity to start the following summer in the bike shop. That winter I tried XC skiing a few times, but thought it was silly, hard, and slow. The following year, I even tried a skate race. I thought it was so hard and not fun, that I literally gave up XC skiing for a few years. Then in high school, I was looking for a way to stay in shape in the winter to support my mountain bike racing. I went and tried going for a skate. I was hooked. I didn’t try another ski race until I was a Sr. in college. My switch was turned on, and now I race as much as I can. As far as running the store here at White Pine… I have always had a passion for working in the outdoor industry, and a few fortuitous events lined up for me, placing me in line for the position. My predecessor, Isaac Wilson, set me up for success, being a great mentor, and strong example. From there it was easy.

2) What is the most unglamorous aspect of running White Pine Tourings Nordic center?

I am constantly thinking about the place, the track, the customers, the programs… Sometimes, I mix things up, or lose track of the day. As unglamorous or glamorous as this sounds, I ski pretty much every morning at sunrise, until we open. (today I had to skip my morning ski, and I feel groggy and sluggish…) But it is pretty early sometimes…

3) What is your favorite local trail winter or summer and why……

favorite summer trail: it’s a tie, I love riding Spiro, Crest, Robs before work in the summer, or a rip down Crescent Mine Grade with Kevin Holiday always makes the hair stand up! Favorite winter trail: It’s pretty fun to have all the offerings we do around here, but nothing beats the Farm trails in spring time. Fast, and hard.

4) What is the main main food that sustains your healthy lifestyle?

Right now, avocados are cheap and a daily staple. I come from a foodie household, and if you really want to talk food sometime, come see me. A guilty pleasure of mine is Garden of Eaten’s Red Hot Blue corn chips, I regularly consume a bag or two a week. I like food, all kinds, and I love preparing food, I love the act of making a meal, opening a bottle of wine or making a cocktail and seeing what the food brings to the conversation. I had the pleasure of eating at Forage down in Salt Lake City, and it blew my mind. It should be on everyone’s bucket list. The Farm at Canyons is pretty special too. But by far the best meal I have had in Park City is at Talisker on Main.  Amazing service goes so far in my book, and when good service is combined with great food, Bam!

5) Can you picture life without mtns, snow, and and skiing? If yes, where would it be?

This year has shown what we can do with limited snow, and the generosity of people showed what a little labor can do to keep our track open. I also have heard the doomsday people say that our grand kids might never see natural snow, I hope that is not the case, that would be so unfortunate. I love skiing, I love season change, and I love the mountains. However, I like my road bike, and I love surfing, so I could keep myself busy…

Thanks again Paul and enjoy the Red Chairs! PPPC.



Perfect conditions despite low snow.

A weekend skate at Round Valley turned into a mini Wasatch adventure complete with some pro dogsled racing this past Saturday. The fantastic trail system and Utah Brand blue skies, mild winter temperatures and a few lingering clouds made it the ideal day to recreate in the mountains. Round Valley is a trail system located just east of Park City and it is maintained by the Mountain Trails Foundation. The area has around 20k of fast, rolling, well groomed, multi use trails. In the summer the area doubles as a single track gymnasium perfect for mountain biking and trail running but more about that when the snow melts. Since it is a multi use area, you will run into walkers, dog walkers, snow bikers, Nordic skiers, and all various combinations of the above.One unbelievable aspect of Round Valley is the it is FREE! Of course you can join Mountain Trails Foundation but there is no trail fee winter or summer. Like I mentioned above, the Nordic skiing was also backed up with some Pro Dogsledding! An event was going on near the National Abilities center which paired up Pro Mushers with local area junior mushers. You should have been aournd to hear those happy dogs barking and just waiting to pull those sleds! The video clip below combines the great skiing and the super charged atmosphere from the dogs yelping plus a few shots of sleds taking off from the line.

YouTube Preview Image

Chris McMaster, Owner and Operator of Ultralight Adventure equipment was kind enough to provide action model services in the video. Of course his backyard is Round Valley so running into him over there is pretty typical. Round Valley is a great example of the recreation opportunities that we have available here in the Wasatch mountains. Stay posted to Pedal and Pole as we continue to explore all the possibilities!

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“I clutched the tattered document like a treasure map to a long forgotten, gold laden temple hidden deep in the jungles…..” Alright, that might be a bit dramatic but there is a new Nordic trail right here in Park City(Kimball Junction to be exact for those who keep track of those things, you know who you are) and the picture above is the sacred document, a map to the new 5k loop.

Soon to follow this post will be a complete review of this new trail along with a few video segments as this loop has been set up with some downhill action in mind. It is located just below the Olympic Jump park with a small parking area about a quarter mile from the new traffic circle. What looks really sweet about this location is the fact it has been linked into the extensive trail network that starts at Red Stone plaza with the new tunnel under 224 providing an easy way to get across that busy thruway without having to cross over the road. Unfortunately the loop had not been groomed when I went to check it out so the comprehensive review will have to wait. Time to head to the skate gym…..

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