Park City, Utah; Anyone who is a skier knows the heavy rep for luxury attached to PC. Park City is home to the Sundance film festival. There are something like 186 restaurants to choose from. You could put on a blindfold and throw a rock pretty much anywhere in Park City and that rock will probably take out a day spa window. The Place is just deluxe and that lap of luxury feel even bleeds over into the usually spartan world of Nordic skiing. For instance, how many Nordic centers have designated areas to farm up pow turns? No problem here in PC.

Break a nail on the 5k today? No problem. Just stop by the Salon/spa on your way off the track and get that nail fixed up! I think my buddies at Wilderness Lodge would laugh their asses off at just the thought.

(Speaking of deluxe: check out the cool new stuff showing up at!)

Stay posted to Pedal and Pole as some good stuff is already on its way down the pipe. New trail reviews are going to be starting next week and I was recently taken deep into the Wasatch mountains to a top secret mountain luge track built by ultra running legend Karl Meltzer. This will blow some minds is all I am going to say……….