Western states can get overlooked when it comes to Fall Foliage. I have often heard people from various parts of the country which are know for fall colors talk about how the west is a landscape barren of all color and could not possibly have colors like New England etc.. While the Wasatch might not have the sheer volume of foliage as say Maine or New Hampshire, the sparsity of color can produce a quilted, calico look that is unparalleled anywhere in the country.


Years with a lot of moisture like 2012, the reds seem to really dominate the landscape creating endless tunnels of color,ff2

Once the Fruity Pebbles start to fade, the whole range takes on a gold and red hue,


Sometimes we even get a little frosting on top of those colors!

Fall turns the Wasatch range into a dreamscape back drop for all outdoor activities!
Keep on snapping!
(All Pedal-n-Pole photo’s are shot on a Canon G1X)