At Pedal n Pole Park city we grow organic vegetables so we don’t have to eat shitty one’s from grocery stores. Most people hate vegetables because they have never actually eaten good ones and good ones only come from a garden or good farmers market. And if you don’t eat vegetables/greens daily you will become obese and die after suffering a very poor quality of life-period. Wasatch Herb Works was born out of this simple concept.

The Full WHW page can be found on FaceBook; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wasatch-Herb-Works/438653782833244, please stop by and take a look. You will find gardening techniques, how to deal with garden pests-including rattles snakes!, recipes, and much more.

After you are done freeloading over on the FB page, get your ass back over here to the PPPC and BUY SOMETHING!

The Editor